Who are we

The LANCI company came in 2009 when two entrepreneurs, Daniel Cenci and Luciano Lanzarin, saw the need to replace the natural wood used in urban furniture, as it generated a lot of maintenance and was not ecologically correct, in this was the LANCI MADEIRA PLASTICA that Develops products that used natural wood and are now produced with PLASTIC MADEIRA, this novelty surprised positively in several aspects, both in sustainability and environment, because PLASTIC WOOD is a material generated through the recycling of plastic waste (pet bottles, tires , Bags ...) that would be polluting our environment and above all through the use of this material we are saving the deforestation of several trees, and the quality of the material, PLASTIC MADEIRA has a 10 year warranty against rotting, does not require painting or Varnish, does not splinter, does not loose barbs, is immune to termites and extremely resistant.

One of our first products was the garden bench that was a success, after its approval in the market, we began to develop our dollhouse, our American armchair, garbage cans, playgrounds and all our line developed until today, always maintaining Our focus and making a product 100% recyclable because for the LANCI company "Recycling is our nature".

Mission: To provide leisure, beauty, comfort and durability with 100% ecological products.

Vision: To be recognized as the most complete 100% ecological furniture factory in Brazil!

Values: Sustainability, innovation, credibility, commitment and socio-environmental interaction.