Jacques Vabre race

The company Lanci In 2013, participates in the traditional Marejada party gets makeover and gains the name of Adventure Through the World Seas. The new event will add five attractions that will shake the city from November 16 to December 1: the impressive Regatta Transat Jacques Vabre, which starts from Le Havre, France, and comes to Itajai with more than 40 registered sailboats, departure the Schurmann family in their third trip around the world on Expedition East, Itajai Food Festival that will bring the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Flavors topic in five thematic pavilions inspired by Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Brazil. The sound is due to the Itajai Music Festival, which will offer more than 30 music workshops, and concerts with local and national attractions. The Tradeshow promises to bring companies and expose the economic potential of Santa Catarina in the World Business Show. company's various garden benches were arranged in all environments of the event, thus enhancing the sustainable aspect of the event.